Blue Bloods became a hit among many fans. Here are the Blue Bloods filming secrets everyone wants to know! Do the actors really eat the food during the iconic Sunday dinners? How did Donnie Wahlberg convince Bridget Moynahan to take the role of Erin Reagan? And why there real officers on the set?

Donnie Wahlberg’s on-screen niece Sami Gayle says that he’s the best to work with. And he is the one who actually eats all the food at those famous Blue Bloods dinners! Bridget Moynahan and Will Estes prefer healthy food, while Tom Selleck only eats when cameras are rolling.

Linda Reagan’s demise was a shock for the fans – and for Amy Carlson as well! Another actress who controversially exited Blue Bloods was Jennifer Esposito. The newest addition to the Reagan family, Jamie Reagan’s now-wife Eddie Janko first appeared on the show in its fourth season, but the actors had pretty good chemistry from the very start. But why Will Estes didn’t want his and Vanessa Ray’s characters to be a couple? Get to know the answer in this video!

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