How to get rid of hip dips? Toned hips and thighs are a key part of a perfect fit that’s why so many people try to burn hip fat. In this video, you’ll find exercises that help you lose fat, add shape to your thigh muscles and make your hips rounder.

By the way, if you have hips dips, don’t worry too much about it – totally normal! You know Marilyn Monroe had them, right? Yeah! But – it was Marilyn Monroe, so nobody cared! Anyway, if you really want to get rid of your dips, we have just the workout plan for you.

Standing Side Leg Lifts 0:28
Squats 0:56
Side Lunges 1:23
Side-to-side Squats 1:47
Standing Kickback Lunges 2:17
Curtsy Lunges 2:54
Kneeling Side Leg Lifts 3:22
Leg Kickbacks 3:50
Glute Bridges 4:09
Side Leg Raises – Lying Down 4:35
The Rainbow 5:02
Bear Plank Leg Lifts 5:32
Bicep Curls – bringing the groceries in 6:20
Arm Toning – cleaning the windows 6:35
Squats – putting dishes away 6:52
Lunges – vacuuming the carpet 7:05
Jumping Jacks – folding clean laundry 7:31
Bicycle Crunches – watching TV 7:44
Seated Scissors – chillin’ on the couch 8:02

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