MANSARD Identifies $2M+ in Equity in 80,000 SF Portfolio

Hillman Realty Trust, a portfolio of industrial/flex assets that are debt free, was generating zero cash flow from its collection of 6 buildings.  The problem was that ownership still worked hard to provide tenants with services, maintain 90%+ occupancy levels, and worry about the future of portfolio’s viability. The challenge was to design a 3 year business plan to activate that would reposition each of the assets into positive cash flowing, productive buildings that could be leveraged to allow the owner to free up time, retire, and force value through appreciation.  MANSARD conducted a comprehensive financial and market due diligence study of the 80,000 SF of property to build a solution set that mapped HRT’s future with the properties.  Our study created millions in additional equity that HRT could realize through a series of small adjustments to the portfolio. Contact MANSARD

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