What We Do:

We help a select group of individuals, families, businesses and institutions manage and understand their commercial real estate holdings so that they can succeed financially.

We start the process by listening to you first.

We then believe that market analysis for real estate means understanding your underlying assets and the market around them, which separates you from your competition, increasing the quality of investment decisions you make, and maximizing the value of your commercial real estate properties.

Our services include:

  • Market and financial due diligence
  • Property, positioning and pricing strategy
  • Highest and best use analysis for office, retail, industrial, and multifamily properties.

Why Work With Us?

We share our discoveries and present our insights to you in plain terms, no technical jargon, and when we reach agreement and put our insights into action, we act in an independent, objective, and unbiased manner, always mindful of controlling costs and expenses while maximizing value.

We deliver on what’s important to you:

  • Rigorous analytics
  • Customized guidance
  • Quick turnaround

In-Depth Analytics

When you manage complex transactions and projects, you cannot afford to spend time or energy actively managing the market analysis process. With MANSARD, you may rest assured that supply and demand data, both macro and asset-level, will be pursued and analyzed to provide the groundwork for reliable and actionable insights, conclusions, and recommendations.

Highly Customized Analyses

Our clients don’t come to MANSARD for a data dump or  boilerplate report. They can get that elsewhere. You need insights and guidance targeted to your asset, portfolio, or loan. We work with you to ensure that our analyses, insights, and recommendations are aligned with your requirements in mind.

Speed of Execution

A day late is too late. You cannot afford to wait for a deliverable. That’s why we deliver results within tight deal deadlines. Often, we are part of a larger team that may include environmental, traffic, architecture. We set goals and delivery targets up front with the client and align our project teams accordingly. 


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Recent Clients Include:

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