Mercury Systems’ executives recently announced that the company will move its corporate headquarters to the Andover, bolstering the Andover commercial real estate market. The company makes a variety of technologies used by the United States’ military and defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Mercury Systems’ real-time electronic signal processing systems process incredible amounts of information with unparalleled efficiency. Its stock is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol of MRCY.

Mercury Systems’ 629 employees will make the move to the Andover commercial real estate market’s impressive 114,100 square foot office facility located at 50 Minuteman Road. It is a three-story building with a total of 151,800 square feet of corporate office space. The site was constructed in 1997. Mercury Systems executives chose the site for a myriad of reasons, chief among them are its affordability and convenient location.

The Andover market compares favorably to Mercury Systems’ former headquarters in Chelmsford.

The Chelmsford site consisted of two buildings that spanned over 185,000 square feet. Now that the company is moving to the Andover office market, it will no longer be necessary to separate its employees into two distinct work spaces. There is ample space available in the Andover office market’s three-story building to house all employees under the same roof. This consolidation will undoubtedly improve employee communication, camaraderie and morale.

The decision to remain in the greater Boston area is a testament to the Andover commercial real estate market’s desirability.

Mercury Systems employees will likely be ecstatic with the new site’s expansive space after the current refurbishment process has been completed. The company’s CEO, Mark Aslett, recently stated that its operations will escalate in the near future and long-term, partially due to the fact that defense will continue to be a $500 billion industry as time progresses. Mercury Systems’ growth is also fueled by the ever-growing customer demand for economically efficient outsourced subsystems in an era characterized by a constrained capacity to innovate within the defense industry. Last month, Mercury Systems acquired a Decatur, Alabama company, Lewis Innovative Technologies. This acquisition expands Mercury Systems’ operations to include technologies that ameliorate digital security and embedding processes for military and commercial applications.

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