149,567 SF Class A Office Building Sold in Andover, Massachusetts

Sold for $8,150,000


Office property sold in Andover.

60 Frontage Rd Andover, MA 01810

Class A office building in Andover sold for $8,150,000

60 Frontage Rd is just under 150,00 Square Foot and a class A office building sited on a 17-acre parcel. This Andover, MA commercial property building was built in 1986. This building is now owned by Raytheon, a Waltham, Massachusetts based company.

Raytheon in Andover is a technology and innovation company that specializes in defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. Their website states that “Raytheon’s engineers solve some of the world’s hardest problems. Their work in aerospace, defense, and the civil government helps keep people and places safe across the world, from the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of space.”

This Andover, MA commercial property was zoned industrial with over 400 parking spots for employees working at the Raytheon in Andover.

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