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Why CAP Rates Won’t Save You This Time

The past several years have been forgiving to commercial real estate investors. You could go out, buy a building, lower the rents, and sell the property for more than you paid for it. Huh? Sounds strange doesn’t it? Imagine this, you’re a savvy real estate investor who’s interested in purchasing a 40,000 SF office building […]

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Positive Cash Flow Deal — A Lesson in Anatomy

How many deals do you see out there where sellers seem to have these unrealistic prices?  They tell you that all you have to do is see the “potential” in the property to realize that the above value price they’re looking for really is a discount when you consider all of the “upside” the opportunity […]

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Invest Your IRA in Commercial Real Estate

Did you know you can invest your IRA funds in commercial real estate? We recently had a conference call with Rob Spalding of PENSCO Trust. PENSCO holds IRA funds used for alternative uses like real estate investment, or as they call it “Self Directed IRAs”. Listen in on our call to learn more about what […]

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What the #*&$? 17%+ Real Estate Returns in Your IRA Account?

Believe it or not, IRA investing in Real Estate is one of today’s hottest topics for generating wealth–tax deferred or in some cases tax free.   On Friday, October 10, we had the privilege of hosting a conference call with Rob Spalding of Pensco Trust Company, a New Hampshire chartered, single-service special asset custodian for self-directed […]

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As the Debt Markets Weaken, Joint Ventures Surge in Popularity

When I woke up to the news of Wall Street’s version of Chernobyl yesterday with the news of Lehman and BOA’s acquisition of Merrill Lynch, I experienced a sinking feeling in my stomach.  We’re no doubt facing uncertain times in our economy as the financial market meltdown will continue to emanate confusion, uncertainty, and widening […]

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