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How’s the Greater Boston Commercial Real Estate Market?

Boston commercial real estate market sales trends to watch

We help you find the right buyer for your high value greater Boston commercial property. That’s why we track commercial real estate sales trends in 3 similar greater Boston markets: Rockingham, Essex, and Middlesex Counties.

Greater Boston retail, office, and industrial sales trends

Office across those 3 counties, between $1M to $20M is trading about 5% over its long-term average. Industrial is trading 43% over its long-term average. Retail is trading 19% over its long-term average.

When you choose MANSARD, you can be sure that your valuation of your commercial real estate for sale will reflect the full potential of your property.

Sales trends maintain momentum

The Federal Reserve Bank’s decision to lower interest rates in 2019 protracted Boston commercial real estate market sales trends in a mature phase of the cycle, so we’re still seeing high volume, but expecting flattening appreciation into 2020.

Retail Sales Perform

Retail property sales betray news headlines

The retail commercial real estate sales market in greater Boston is not following what you’re seeing in the news. In fact, the market continues to appreciate. The average price per square foot for retail property, between $1M and $20M, is currently trading at $221/SF. According to CoStar, average rents for retail space are $23.20/SF. That’s up 15.39% over the last 9 years.

Office: Up or Down?

Steady as she goes: suburban office

Suburban office property, between $1 and $20 million is mainly steady as she goes. Dr. Glenn Mueller, whose market cycle data reports on Boston commercial real estate market sales trends, shows us that the office market is in mid-expansion. Historically, suburban Boston office property valued between $1 and $20 million trends at 96 sales per year. Greater Boston office property sales have trended above that long-term average since 2014.

Industrial Sales Soar

Greater Boston industrial sales appreciate

Dr. Glenn Mueller’s Market Cycle Monitor shows the greater Boston commercial real estate market sales trends for industrial at peak. This year, the industrial market’s on track to close about 97 deals. 2018 saw over 41 deals more industrial property sales. Industrial property sales are 42% over the longterm average running back to 2006. It’s a hot segment.

Growth is constrained by industrial land availability in Essex, Middlesex, and Rockingham Counties. Plus, industrial rents are not high enough to support new construction with construction prices inflating at nearly 12% per year. CoStar reports industrial rents at an average rate of $10.28/SF.

It’s a great time be a SELLER of industrial property. With low interest rates, it’s a great time to be a BUYER of industrial property to lock-in operating overhead.

Greater Boston industrial space remains tight

No new industrial property construction means the greater Boston commercial real estate market’s sales trends will continue. Prices will appreciate.  Rents will inflate.

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Ultimately, very few resources have the expertise to ensure the successful sale to the right buyer at the right time.

MANSARD was named one of the largest commercial real estate selling brokers in Massachusetts in 2018 by the Boston Business Journal.

88.9% of MANSARD’s recent deals closed on time and at our client’s accepted offer price.

That’s because at MANSARD, we deliver engaged buyers who close, guarantee experience and knowledge, and outrank our competitors by average sale transactions per broker.

MANSARD Ranked #6 in Boston Business Journal

Case Studies

40,000 SF Office Building Sold for $5,500,000

Situation – Acquired as a 3 year reposition, this 41,000 SF office building located at 41-55 North Road in Bedford, Massachusetts underwent nearly $2M in capital upgrades and was leased to 80% occupancy. The time had come to return capital to the investors.

Process – We undertook a public marketing process with a priced offering at $5.5M and a bid deadline. We generated 5 offers that topped out at 90% of the asking price until we began the negotiations.

Result – The property sold for 100% of its asking price within 60 days of going under contract.

Coldwell Banker Retail Property: Sold

Situation – A 40 year investment partnership sought to sell, requiring top value and assurance of close. During the marketing period, Coldwell Banker vacated, followed by a title issue that prevented a sale.

Process – We conducted a national search, registering 49 buyers. 8 cash bids were received and negotiations resulted in a winning offer, 60 day cash close. We coordinated an attorney to clear the title, working with the buyer’s title company and legal team for 3 months.

Result – Property is under contract with a clear path to close.

Privately Marketed: Sold for $3,900,000

Situation – Family office requested a discrete, private sale of the 100% net leased near term medical office and retail property located at 1069 Broadway in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Process – We conducted confidential outreach to our database of qualified buyers combined with owner profiling calls to area investors inclined to acquire this property type, resulting in 12 buyer-seller meetings at our office.  In the interviews, the sellers gained insight into market demand for the property and focused on the right buyer.

Result – 4 offers were generated and the property was ultimately sold for $3,900,000.

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MANSARD was a partner through the whole process. From the initial leasing of a temporary space to the acquisition of our own building. I like the personal touch and sense of expertise that came with working with MANSARD.

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We used MANSARD to help us reposition, lease and sell a small suburban commercial office building. They were fantastic, well read in the market place and helped us realize our projected returns. Would highly recommend their services.

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Get direct help with your most pressing questions about
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Curious how we help with your specific real estate challenges?
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