Brammer Bio, a new firm that was created when a Florida life sciences company merged with a Lexington company is changing the face of life sciences in the Boston area. This new biopharmaceutical firm has established its corporate headquarters in the Lexington office market, as well as increasing the amount of phase III work that can be accomplished here. Brammer Bio, LLC has leased the 50,000 plus square foot building at 45 Hartwell Avenue which is owned by Duffy Properties of Waltham, Massachusetts.

This spring, Brammer announced it had merged with Florida Biologix to create a new LLC focused on cell and gene therapy biologics. Florida Biologix was an offshoot of work done in the Florida university system and was formed in 2015. The newly merged life science company will develop and commercialize cell and gene therapies as well as use their technical expertise to develop clinical manufacturing with demonstrated capabilities along with quality standards for commercial manufacturing.

In addition to changes in the Lexington office market site, the Florida site will be able to dramatically increase, perhaps even doubling, the process development and early clinical capacity. Now, clients who may have needed to seek another source for Phase III projects will be able to remain with the same company at the Massachusetts location.

The facility the company is leasing in the Lexington office market will be developed to manufacture phase III manufacturing suites and segregated cell and gene therapy suites. Phase I and Phase II work will be completed at its Florida location. In addition to being the home to its phase III manufacturing suites, the Lexington office market facility will also serve as the company’s corporate headquarters. This facility was only on the market for about 14 days before Brammer leased it.

Boston and Cambridge are rapidly becoming important locations, not just in Massachusetts, but in the nation when regarding biotechnology and life sciences development. Companies enjoy access to other science-based firms, as well as a skilled and educated workforce.

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