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Cambridge MA Industrial Space Market Statistics

So how's the Cambridge industrial market doing in 2019, going into 2020? Well, this 4 million square foot industrial and flex market is a tale of two worlds. It's an East Cambridge market and then the rest of Cambridge. The average price per square foot in the market is running $212 a square foot, which [...] Continue reading

North Reading Industrial Space Market Statistics

So, how was the North Reading space industrial market in 2019? North Reading is a relatively small industrial market. It's about 1.7 million square feet of industrial and flex property. There's not a whole lot going on there, but the market dynamics are very positive because of the short supply and its strategic location to [...] Continue reading
cap rates are going

Where Do You Think Cap Rates Are Going?

The capitalization rate, also known as the ‘cap rate,’ is often discussed in the commercial real estate industry. However, the concept is massively misunderstood and often incorrectly used in the field. Not sure what the term means, and where they’re are going? We’re here to spill all on this concept, and where we can expect […]

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Retail Property Market Update: Greater Boston Mid Q4 2019

 So, how's the Greater Boston retail market? I get that question quite a bit and it's a great question. If you read the news, all you're hearing about are big-box stores, department stores, and the Amazon effect. But, what's interesting about retail, particularly in the market that we track, which is the 1 to $20 [...] Continue reading
5.5 tips for selling commercial real estate fast

5.5 Tips for How to Sell Commercial Real Estate Fast

Want to find out how to sell commercial real estate fast? Here are 5.5 tips that make sure you cover what’s critical to your sale. Tip #1 Call your real estate attorney and order your title immediately. Your title report may take anywhere from 7-10 days to arrive, so it’s critical to get this done […]

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