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Decreasing Cap Rates Aren’t Scaring Off Investors

The future in industrial real estate seems to be strong if the indicators like the average cap rate mean anything about where markets may be headed.  Cap rates continue to drop with the national average being 5.4% for class-A+ products compared to 5.6% for the similar market items the previous year.  In Los Angeles, the [...] Continue reading

Why Not Build Up Areas Around Gateway Cities?

There are 13 Gateway Cities around—cities around Massachusetts that are currently struggling, but which could turn out to be important cogs to their regional economies.  Many believe the way to turn those economies around might be found right in those cities.  Right now, there is a lot of vacant land, or land that is not [...] Continue reading

Mixed Messages in the Retail Market?

There continue to be many store closures and bankruptcies in the retail market, but the overall vacancy rate of these spaces hasn’t yet spiked.  Reis, a real estate research firm has optimistically reported that even though there have been more stores closings, the retail vacancy rate has not and is not expected to rise. There are [...] Continue reading

The New Trend–Sale-Leaseback Properties

There is a trend that seems to be growing for corporate sale-leasebacks as one group wants to get unused space off their books, and another group seeks ownership of business-related properties.  Sellers are using funds they earn from these transactions to expand their businesses or to increase their value or dividends, but there are other [...] Continue reading

Creativity Is the Key to Keeping Office Spaces Leased

Recently, John Meehan, the new COO of Gemini Rosemont Commercial Real Estate, who is also a former capital markets director, made some comments about the future of office market investments.  Meehan spoke about changes in the office real estate market, and he spoke about how those property owners need to be prepared to be creative. [...] Continue reading

Commercial Real Estate Is Still Viewed as a Good Investment

The RealtyShares group recently conducted a survey of more than 2,000 Americans.  The focus of the survey was commercial real estate investment and the responses show that even those who feel they cannot currently invest in real estate at this time, they believe these are important investments, and there is a lot of optimism about [...] Continue reading

Fundamentals Could Lift The Office Sector In 2018

In at least one real estate investment forecast, office space looks to be a solid investment choice in 2018. Reasons include a strong demand for office space with limited supply and other real estate markets seeing a tightening in yield spreads making return on investments riskier. These factors combined with an expected strong economy indicate [...] Continue reading
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