Finding the right commercial property broker in Malden, MA will equip you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision with your office, industrial, retail, or flex property in today’s changing market environment. I am Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM and I am a commercial real estate advisor serving the Malden, Massachusetts market.

I help commercial real estate owners successfully sell their commercial real estate in Malden so they can upgrade their portfolios by finding the right buyer at the right time.

To get started, contact me at MANSARD at (617) 674-2043.  Or click here to schedule a call today.

Tired of searching for commercial property brokers in Malden, MA?

Sometimes it feels like your business just isn’t important enough to those traditional real estate brokers working at the big commercial real estate firms. If you don’t have regular communication with your advisor, it could take much longer to make a real estate decision.

You might be left wondering if you made the wrong choice, costing you money in a deal that did not totally favor you.   As an experienced commercial property broker in Malden, MA, we help owners of industrial, office, and retail buildings in Malden make the best real estate decision with real time data and market insights designed to help you achieve a successful sale.

An Expert Commercial Property Broker In An Outstanding Brokerage Agency

Jeremy Cyrier headshotI’m Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM and since 2001, I’ve negotiated the successful sale of more than 1,000 properties for my clients, which makes my team one of the most successful selling commercial real estate brokerages in Massachusetts per the Boston Business Journal. Over that time, I’ve honed my skills to get my sellers the deal they want by marketing their properties as if they were my own. I know the local markets and what buyers want. That’s why over 81% of our business is repeat or referral clients.

Your commercial real estate is valuable not only to you as its current owner, but to the community, and to its next owner. My mission is to find the right buyer, who will pay the most, close on time, and keep issues in check to get the deal done, all while providing you with a smooth transition of ownership. My clients have gotten their agreed-upon sale price and on-time closings in 88.9% of cases.

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Escape the endless data online about commercial property brokers in Malden, MA

A recent search of commercial real estate trends on Google returned 152,000,000 resultsWho has time to sift those results when you can get on phone for 10 minutes with an expert commercial property broker in Malden, MA who is a live resource to you?  As an expert in the field with 18 years of experience and over 1,000 transactions completed, if I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll refer you to someone who will.

That’s why MANSARD has a 5 star rating on Google.

When you call my office at (617) 674-2043, our receptionist will connect us or take a message.  I’ll return your call at my next availability. Or click here to schedule a call today.

Meeting in-person can be done at your office, investment property, favorite coffee shop or our headquarters.  Whether we meet on site or at our office, you will receive customized attention and advice so that you will be equipped to decide what the best course of action may be with your Malden, MA commercial real estate.

Our commercial real estate guidance is perfect for:

  • Private owners of investment property
  • Partnerships invested in commercial real estate
  • Companies that own commercial real estate in Malden, MA
  • Family offices seeking a strategic investment sales broker’s advice

Recent clients include:

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What to expect

Step 1: Schedule a Phone Call

Before we begin, we will hold a 20 minute phone conversation to ask each other some questions. Together, we determine what you would like the successful sale of your commercial real estate to do for you. If at the end of the conversation, you decide it makes sense to schedule a meeting, we will meet in person within the next 1 to 5 days. To reach us, call (617) 674-2043.

Step 2: Hold an Initial 45-90 Minute Meeting in Person

We will first meet for 45-90 minutes at your place of business, the property or a convenient location for you. During this meeting, we will review our phone conversation and then gather more information about specific questions you have about the market, our proprietary investment sales process, your property valuation, and the costs to complete a sale with MANSARD. If at the end of the meeting you believe it makes sense, we will schedule a second meeting within the next week at MANSARD’s office.

Step 3: Hold a Second Meeting at MANSARD to Review the Sale Process

The second meeting will take from 45-90 minutes, depending on the amount of questions you have for us. We will review our expert underwriting and valuation of your property, discuss the composition of active buyers in the market and what they are looking for, how we reach them, and then how the transaction process will work from beginning to end. If at the end of the meeting you elect to go forward, we review and sign our exclusive engagement agreement and have the property on the market in the following 1-2 weeks.

To get started today, contact us at MANSARD at (617) 674-2043. We look forward to working with you.

“MANSARD was a partner through the whole process. From the initial leasing of a temporary space to the acquisition of our own building. I like the personal touch and sense of expertise that came with working with MANSARD.”

Percent increase in cap rate

Tip: Monitor the debt market to see how cap rates will rise or fall. As the Federal Reserve changes interest rates, commercial real estate valuations will be affected.

If you have questions about capital gains taxes, we recommend speaking with a tax professional.  In the meantime, you may access our complimentary report that details how commercial real estate investors take advantage of the 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains liabilities.

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