Sometimes, after we’ve been using something for many years, we find out that it has some other useful features. For example, a hole in the center of a spaghetti spoon exists not only to strain water but also to measure a portion of spaghetti. That hole fits exactly one serving.

From your coffee lid and a donut to black dots on car windows to the escalator grooves, there are many overlooked particulars about things surrounding you that actually serve a useful purpose you had no idea about. Get ready to discover the secrets of things and their decorative details that can actually be very useful!

Black grating on the microwave window 0:28
A hole inside donuts 0:54
A coffee cup with a lid 1:24
Coin edge 1:56
The numbers on the fruit stickers 2:36
Loops on a shopping cart 3:20
The grooves in the escalator steps 3:37
The tab under a rear-view mirror 4:18
A hole in the center of a spaghetti spoon 5:07
The square-shaped spoon 5:41
A triangle on your dashboard 5:55
The small disc under the lid of plastic water 6:28
The little hole on top of a lollipop stick 6:49
An extra handle on a jerrycan 7:47
The pom-pom at the top of some winter hats 8:03
Margins you use now as a space for notes 8:36
The blue bristles on your toothbrush 9:07

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