How often do you google ‘how to stop procrastinating’? Yup, we all do that! It’s often hard to stop doing nothing, playing video games or watching pointless series instead of getting down to business. But Bright Side knows an effective remedy. With its help you can unlock your hidden power and boost productivity. It’s a 1-minute trick. Basically you’ll have to concentrate on any task on your to do list for just one minute. Let’s learn more about it…

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0:00 1 minute a day to become successful
1:30 Don’t set the finish line
2:00 Don’t blame yourself
2:24 Do tasks right away
3:11 How to form good habits
4:46 Focus on one task at a time
5:17 How to avoid distractions
6:02 Break big tasks into little ones
6:46 Turn your tasks into a competition
7:32 When you’re feeling unproductive…

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