Partners HealthCare Moving 4,500 Jobs to Somerville Office Market

Partners HealthCare is moving its administrative offices to Assembly Square as part of the Somerville office market. The new facility will bring 4,500 employees to the new site in an 850,000 square foot building. The development will cost approximately $1.2 billion, and the facility will also have an additional 100,000 square feet of space for retail and dining for those 4,500 employees that will be new to the Somerville office market.

For the past 20 years, Partners HealthCare had employees and work centers scattered around 15 different sites in the Boston area. This made cooperating and communicating difficult for employees who needed to communicate across departmental lines, as they might be housed in different buildings. The new facility will allow a majority of these people to move into the same facility and provide more support for many finance, human resource, information systems, communications, legal employees, and those with other job titles who are scattered around Boston.

Partners HealthCare hopes that moving most of their staff to this new facility in the Somerville office market will make the culture of the entire company feel more united. Another goal for the company is that the move will improve efficiency, and the move to Somerville will reduce costs as there will be less wasted repetition of services. The mayor of Somerville, Joseph Curtatone said that he believes the Somerville area is one of the most vibrant and fastest growing parts of the Boston metro area and that this move is just one example of that growth. Several other medical and technological companies are moving to Somerville.

In addition to making the work the company does more efficient, executives at Partners HealthCare said that they hope that their move can also bring about better jobs that will be filled by qualified applicants. If so, this will be beneficial to both parties and will help make the move worthwhile for Partners, as well as for the community and the Somerville office market as a whole.

Because Partners HealthCare is a nonprofit, it is tax exempt, however, they have agreed to contribute $1.1 million by 2017 to help ensure the infrastructure of the community can support the new employees. Partner’s is one of the largest employers in the state of Massachusetts. When construction is completed, it is expected that the site will generate $2.2 million a year to Somerville from Partners and a real estate trust.

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