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Get Property Valuation Services in Andover, MA

Our Property Valuation Services in Andover, MA help commercial real estate owners understand what the right buyer might pay in today’s market. Because the market is constantly changing, due to increases and decreases in the cost of borrowed funds, investor risk and return perceptions, and fluctuations in the Andover rental rate market, it is important to understand how your property valuation is determined.

Not all property valuations are the same

When considering a commercial real estate property valuation, keep in mind that there are several approaches used.  One approach is the income approach.  This market standard practice relies on the financial performance of the property to determine its value. The sales comparison approach accounts for similarly sold properties in the past 12-24 months. It then adjusts for differences and similarities to determine the value in today’s market.  Last, the replacement cost approach assumes the costs to build the property from the ground up in today’s construction environment.

ll 3 approaches may yield different property valuations.

Our Property Valuation Services Include:

  • Analysis of Current Rent Roll
  • Evaluation of Annual Operating Expenses
  • Assessment and Tax Bill
  • Determination of Market Valuation
  • Assessment of Market Timing Required to Sell
  • Sales Comparison Approach to Determine Like-Kind Sales in the Andover MA Commercial Real Estate Market
  • Development Feasibility and Subsequent Property Valuation
  • Residual Land Valuations
  • Replacement Cost Approach – When Applicable

Percent increase in cap rate

Tip: Monitor the debt market to see how cap rates will rise or fall. As the Federal Reserve changes interest rates, commercial real estate valuations will be affected.

If you have questions about capital gains taxes, we recommend speaking with a tax professional.  In the meantime, you may access our complimentary report that details how commercial real estate investors take advantage of the 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains liabilities.

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Property Valuation Services in Andover, MA