Physcial Sciences Inc. Adding Robotics Work at New Andover Office Market Space

A new tenant is moving into the final available space of a building at 6 Riverside Drive in the Andover office market.  Physical Sciences Inc., a company that already has a presence in the city at 20 New England Business Center, has signed a five year lease to fill the final 33,000 square feet of space on the 77,000 square foot building for the Riverside Drive property.  Physical Sciences Inc. has been conducting drone technology research at its other location at New England Business Center.

The plan is for Physical Science Inc. to open its Tactical Robotics team arm of the company in this newly rented space in the Andover office market.  The additional space will double the size of the employee owned company’s square footage.

This property provided several advantages to the new renters, including the technical accommodations needed to do their robotics work.  It is also a bonus being close to many institutions of higher education to fill specifically and scientifically trained vacancies for their venture.  The fact that the new facility is close to their current office is simply a bonus for Physical Sciences Inc.  It is also good that Massachusetts has what most see as favorable tax policies for both business, and technology.

There were other businesses vying for the facility before Physical Science Inc. was selected for this spot in the Andover office market.  Currently, the Andover area has a 20 percent vacancy rate even as the economy and the R & D aspects of industry are growing.  Many hope that these new tenants will renew and interest in the area and remind those who need specific technological requirements, that those spaces may well be available in Andover.

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