A company that started out as a sort of combined health care startup and tech startup has now turned into a manufacturing company and has moved into a new facility to better meet this requirement. ReWalk Robotics has moved into a new facility in the Marlborough office market located on the Donald Lynch Boulevard so they can continue to work on R and D, and also keep up with manufacturing requirements. The new space is 11,000 square feet, nearly four times larger than the former space.

When the company was getting started and as recently as 2013, they had only 10 employees. Now that people who need their devices are receiving help and support to pay, ReWalk Robotics has recently employed as many as 35 people, and they plan to add at least a few more employees when they get settled in their new space in the Marlborough office market. ReWalk Robotics has developed an exoskeleton-suit that uses ever evolving technology to assist paraplegics in regaining mobility with the use of crutches and a special backpack which helps make robotic legs mobile.

The company is about 15-years old, but the sudden growth comes in part because the United States Department of Veteran Affairs is investing heavily in this company and reimbursing much of their work so injured veterans can take advantage of the technology. With injured veterans, and others receiving financial help with the new robotic exoskeleton, the company expects to sell more devices and needed a place to build them faster to get them to those who need them. The company also needed a place to have more salespeople on site.

Company executives said that one important change, in addition to financial assistance from the United States government is that insurance companies are beginning to approve the expense for others injured and needing robotic assistance walking. Soon, ReWalk is hoping to expand its sales into South America too.

In addition to working with people injured in battle or injured in automobile accidents, the company hopes to be more involved in assisting senior citizens who need more help regaining mobility, and for patients with multiple sclerosis and possible stroke patients regain their ability to walk. All of this work will continue to grow and expand, along with assistance from Harvard University’s Wyss Institute.

While trying to create more demand thanks to more support from the United States government and from insurance companies, ReWalk Robotics is also attempting to advance new technology. The current product acts like a cage or a casing that encircles a person’s legs and allows the injured or ill person to walk again. A new device that is in development is going to act more like real legs work. The new device, if it is successfully developed, will use technology to move legs and feet in a smoother gait, and without the more encompassing exoskeleton suit that is used now.

Perhaps, if all goes well, the company will be able ready to move to a larger facility, or add on to their current space in another 15 years or less.

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