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Making the decision to sell your commercial property in Lowell, MA involves a thoughtful analysis of the pros and cons of doing so.

That decision is only made easier by working with an astute and experienced commercial property broker who is an expert in high-value commercial property sales. Through their expertise, you will get the high value offer you want and maximize the return on your investment. Sell your Lowell, MA commercial property with confidence with MANSARD. Contact us, and we’ll discuss what makes your commercial property unique.


Investing in commercial real estate creates durable wealth. This requires expertise in the following:

  • Tax planning, such as 1031 exchanges
  • Opportunity zone investing
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • Debt and equity financing
  • Market trends
  • Continuous marketing, and
  • Skillful, multi-party negotiations

Sell Your Lowell, MA Commercial Property With An Expert Commercial Real Estate Broker

Jeremy Cyrier headshotI’m Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM and since 2001, I’ve negotiated the successful sale of more than 1,000 properties for my clients, which makes my team one of the most successful selling commercial real estate brokerages in Massachusetts per the Boston Business Journal. Over that time, I’ve honed my skills to get my sellers the deal they want by marketing their properties as if they were my own. I know the local Lowell market and what buyers want. That’s why over 81% of our business is repeat or referral clients.

Your commercial real estate is valuable not only to you as its current owner, but to the community, and to its next owner. My mission is to find the right buyer, who will pay the most, close on time, and keep issues in check to get the deal done, all while providing you with a smooth transition of ownership. My clients have gotten their agreed-upon sale price and on-time closings in 88.9% of cases.


Do I need an agent to sell my Lowell, MA commercial property?

Most commercial property owners in Lowell choose to work with a broker due to the complexity of commercial property transactions. The paperwork, tax consequences, and time needed to close a deal require an experienced broker’s assistance. Working with a MANSARD commercial property broker has important advantages, beyond just making the sale and completing paperwork. These multiple, invaluable services make a broker’s commission well worth the cost.

A MANSARD commercial property expert will give an accurate valuation, convince the buyer of the price, and market your Lowell commercial property like it’s their own because they have experience owning similar assets. Additionally, expect the following from your well-qualified broker:

  • Delivers engaged buyers who close
  • Outranks its competition in sales volume
  • Gives you confidence through their experience and knowledge
  • Demonstrates that recent sales closed on-time and at client’s accepted offer price. (By using our proprietary investment sales process, 88.9% of MANSARD’s recent sales closed on-time)


Sell Your Lowell, MA Commercial Property For The Right Price

A skilled commercial property professional is going to exhaust every effort to get to know your Lowell, MA property and market it in a light most likely to produce a favorable sale. Our process at MANSARD is both thorough and beyond compare. We work to get to know your Lowell property.

The Advantages Of Working With Top Commercial Real Estate Companies

Sell your commercial property with the most qualified and experienced commercial real estate company in Massachusetts. In doing so, you will gain important advantages. The greatest advantage of working with an elite commercial brokerage is that it provides you the best opportunity to get the price you want with the terms best for you.

By choosing the best company who has both a proven track record and years of experience, you are gaining access to their vast and well-connected network of contacts. Access to a well-developed network is just one of many factors that separates MANSARD from its competition. An excellent brokerage agency, like MANSARD, has a team of dedicated professionals who has access to significantly more resources and tools than would an unrepresented or underrepresented seller.

Furthermore, being represented by a top commercial real estate company brings specific and well-defined value to the entire sales process. Entrusting the sale of your property to experts will give you confidence you are getting the best return on your investment. You can also be assured of the quality of their work; you won’t be worried by last minute surprises that can frustrate the deal or delay the closing.

  • We use professional photography.
  • We help buyers see their vision in your commercial real estate.
  • We assure the valuation of your commercial real estate reflects the full potential of your property.
  • We bring the buyer to the property for an in-person tour to share strategic information and build trust.

Professional photography makes a difference. Low-quality snapshots are forgettable and raise concerns about how serious you are about selling your commercial property. Professional photography is vital in getting you the best price and right deal for your Lowell commercial property.

We help buyers see their vision in your Lowell, MA commercial property. Our expert team will be intentional about showing how the property can be utilized in new and different ways in the future. The current use of a property isn’t always its future best use. We never assume that any potential new owner would have the same purpose for the building – to do so could result in leaving a lot of money on the table.

Your property is valuable. When you choose MANSARD, you can be sure that the valuation of your commercial real estate for sale will reflect the full potential of your Massachusetts commercial property.

Seeing is believing… and buying. The team at MANSARD will get the buyer onto the property for an in-person tour which will be also utilized to share strategic information with the buyer. Buyers are more likely to trust your property valuation if they feel confident you aren’t hiding anything with the sale of your commercial property.


Buyers insist on a lower price as a means of risk mitigation – they’re protecting themselves from what they don’t know. By giving them an organized, clear report of all the numbers related to your commercial property for sale, they can take a deep breath and start to see the true value of your Lowell, MA property. By providing extensive information, we reduce the buyer’s worry of risk.

Sell your Lowell, MA commercial property with these strategies

You will not find the right buyer for your Lowell, MA commercial property by consulting friends, family, and non-commercial property advisors for input. None of those sources are as effective as working through your professional commercial property broker. A well-connected broker who has invested time, money, and resources into building and fostering relationships with buyers is your best bet to produce a buyer who is going to pay what you need at the terms you desire.

As seasoned commercial property brokers, we have a well established professional network of other real estate agents, investors, and additional third parties that may be interested in purchasing your commercial property right away. Rather than relying only on traditional marketing strategies, MANSARD will present your property directly to these individuals, significantly increasing your chances of finding a qualified buyer quickly.

Expect your commercial property agent to do more than place a for sale sign on your property. At MANSARD, we go the extra mile to employ a marketing strategy that works best for you and the sale of your property.

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Executing the sale of your Lowell, MA commercial property

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Attracting the right buyer who offers you the desired price, terms, and conditions can feel overwhelming, especially because buyers’ preferences are constantly changing. MANSARD’s market insights based approach gives you a better way to sell your commercial property in Lowell. Our team qualifies buyers daily, determining their purchase history, price range, geographical focus, property type, and capital availability so that you know that you’re selling to a professional.

Our proprietary commercial property buyer database generates a 58% higher rate of engagement in our sale opportunities than the industry average. That’s because we track each of these buyers as well as maintain an ongoing database of regional, national, and international commercial property investors who have demonstrated an ability and willingness to make additional property acquisitions.

Aside from all the effort an expert commercial agent will invest in qualifying and engaging a buyer, there is a significant amount of due diligence required to ensure a smooth and successful sale of a commercial property located in Lowell, MA. The due diligence for a commercial agent includes a thorough examination of the following:

  • Deeds, trust information, and other documents that pertain to legal ownership interests
  • Mortgages and liens, (including mechanic’s liens) and other pertinent financial information
  • Maps, surveys, easements, local codes, restrictions, covenants, and encroachment information
  • Past legal activity involving the property or its owner, or instances of damage, such as fire, flood, vandalism or wind damage
  • Taxation records, including information about liens and unpaid taxes
  • Building permits, condemnation orders, and inspection reports
  • Rental amounts, vacancy rates, tenant issues, and legal actions involving tenants or the owner
  • Official measurements, square footage, structural details, age and past usages
  • Permits, regulations and other official information affecting the property, community or the owner
  • Past sale amounts, past attempts to sell, and other pertinent market information
  • Valuation information, including comparable sales and listings



“MANSARD was a partner through the whole process. From the initial leasing of a temporary space to the acquisition of our own building. I like the personal touch and sense of expertise that came with working with MANSARD.”

Norbert Johnson / GLOBUS MEDICAL


Sell your Lowell, MA commercial property with the most experienced broker

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When you are ready to sell your commercial property located in Lowell, MA, the experience of your broker matters. According to statistics published by the Boston Business Journal in their Largest Selling Commercial property Brokers List for 2018, MANSARD ranks above its competitors in average transaction volume per broker in 2017. At MANSARD, you work with our dedicated team, focused exclusively on your sale so that you can anticipate the right moves to make in the market.

Without experience guiding you with recommendations, it’s almost impossible to execute your commercial property sale to your advantage. That’s why getting access to over 19 years of commercial property experience, over 1,000 transactions, and our CCIM expertise means more than just getting your property sold. We will sell your property quickly and at a price you require.

Experience our attention to your details

Working with a top commercial real estate company has its advantages. At MANSARD, we make our clients our priority by offering a host of concierge and proprietary services you won’t find anywhere else.

Agreement plan

  • You’re in charge – It’s your sale using our process. We’ll develop the opportunities while you choose the deal.
  • Real-time market responsiveness – We assess and recommend real-time market adjustments as new data arises to get you the best deal.
  • Documented process with milestones – We measure and manage our 42 point sales process to keep you informed and on plan to close.
  • MANSARD Proprietary Sales Method – A qualitative and quantitative process comprised of financial analysis, market research, and tax sensitive client portfolio acquisition and disposition strategies.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a free consultation with our team of experts to learn more. We’ll discuss real-time commercial real estate market opportunities and help you determine the best investment strategy for your portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Commercial Property

  • How do you find a buyer?

    I utilize a variety of strategies to bring buyers to the deal. I have access to a strong and vast network of industry professionals. I have relationships with buyers and others who refer clients to me. Additionally, I use LoopNet, MLS and Costar and other online resources.

  • Do I need to hire an attorney when selling my property?

    We are commercial property agents and do not provide legal advice. We do, however, work with skilled and experienced real estate attorneys and seek their counsel as necessary.

  • What do commercial property brokers needs from their clients to expedite the process?

    Commercial property brokers need information from their clients. For example, a commercial broker will ask their clients to provide important details about the history of the property and other facts crucial to its sale. Open and responsive communication makes selling a commercial property much easier.

  • How long does it take to sell my property?

    The length of time it takes to sell a property is dependent upon many factors, like the amount of due diligence required to get the property ready to sell. A sale typically averages 6-12 months in the bidding process.

  • What is a 1031 exchange?

    A 1031 exchange is a swap of one investment property for another that allows capital gains taxes to be deferred.

  • How are you determining the sale price for my property?

    Your broker will consider many factors such as the location of your property, the year it was built, the type of property, and the size of the property. Your broker should be taking a market approach, which means they are looking at recent sales of other properties that match many of the characteristics of your commercial property to determine the sale price.

  • Does the grade of my office space matter?

    Properties are broken down into three classifications. Each property classification reflects a different risk and return because properties are graded according to a combination of geographical and physical characteristics. These letter grades are assigned to properties after considering factors such as age of the property, location of the property, tenant income levels, growth prospects, appreciation, amenities, and rental income. There is no precise formula that dictates which properties are placed into which class. Grade A space is the most expensive and presents the least amount of risk. Conversely, Grade C is the least expensive but has the most amount of risk. In most instances, it would be cost prohibitive to try and invest enough money into your property for the purpose of moving it up a grade.

  • Why do I need a commercial property broker? I can sell it myself.

    There are important benefits to working with a commercial property broker. An experienced and astute broker will have strong relationships with other industry professionals to help locate buyers, will thoroughly understand market trends, and has tried and true marketing techniques and resources.

  • How do commercial property agents get paid?

    Agents get paid by the property owners via commission. An agent’s commission does not affect the purchase price.

  • What are your qualifications?

    I am a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM). The certification is designated for those recognized as experts in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. With over 19 years of successful experience as a broker, I have brokered the sale of over 1,000 properties.