Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM

Jeremy Cyrier MANSARD President and President & Commercial Real Estate Advisor

President & Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Jeremy helps commercial real estate owners find the right buyer so they can close with confidence.

When Jeremy founded MANSARD on November 1, 2007, he chose a terrible time to open a new office.

Bear Stearns failed, the credit crisis unfolded, and the phone stopped ringing. Throughout this challenging time, Jeremy went deep with his clients, providing buyer, seller, tenant, landlord, and advisory services in the greater 128/93 interchange market north of Boston.

As the company waded through the great recession, he noticed that his clients wanted peace. They deserved to feel confident about decisions in any market environment. They wanted to know when to sell, hold, or buy. They wanted deals that performed and turned into profitable portfolios.

When there is a lot of money on the line, mistakes can cost millions.

That’s why Jeremy developed MANSARD’s process to reveal opportunities in portfolios through all stages of the market, leveraging specialized expertise, clever positioning, local market knowledge, and smart negotiation.

He’s an expert in helping commercial real estate owners find the right buyer so they can close with confidence.

That’s why experienced investors keep choosing MANSARD, deal after deal. In 2021, MANSARD became one of the largest selling commercial real estate brokerages in Massachusetts.

Outside of MANSARD, Jeremy teaches commercial real estate finance and market analysis for the CCIM Institute throughout the United States. Since 2008, he has trained members of some of the country’s top commercial real estate brokerage firms, Fortune 100 companies, and the General Services Administration. His work has been discussed in the New England Real Estate Journal, Banker & Tradesman, Boston Business Journal, CIRE Magazine, and featured in Commercial Shift by Buddy Norman.

Jeremy is an active participant in the Fellowship of Companies for Christ International.

Jeremy speaks French and German, traveled throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and participated in the Chicago Marathon, Blazing Saddles Century, and Mt. Washington Century. In Andover, MA, he lives with his wife Gia and four beautiful children, Natalia, Georgio, Valentina, and Giancarlo.

Here’s what people are saying:

“Thank you for everything you did in completing the leasing and sale of our building at 580 Main Street. You did a wonderful job working with all of the personalities involved. We look forward to working with you again in the future.” ~ Richard Tambone, Tambone Investment Group

“MANSARD was a partner through the whole process. From the initial leasing of a temporary space to the acquisition of our own building. I like the personal touch and sense of expertise that came with working with MANSARD.” ~ Norbert Johnson, Globus Medical (NYSE: GMED)

“We used MANSARD to help us reposition, lease, and sell a small suburban commercial office building. They were fantastic, well-read in the market place and helped us realize our projected returns. Would highly recommend their services” ~ Bob Macnamara, CB Equities

“My dealings with MANSARD were fair and professional. They understand the market and apply a variety of resources to solicit the greatest interest in the space they’re brokering. I strongly recommend MANSARD.” ~ Steve Tamasi, Boston Centerless

“MANSARD staff are extremely professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. They know their markets and have an in-depth understanding of the process and so are able to be very effective in meeting goals.” ~ Jim Curtis, Cooperstown Environmental

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Jeremy Cyrier MANSARD President and President & Commercial Real Estate Advisor