John Hughes, CCIM

John Hughes, CCIM is an expert in the valuation, leasing and sale of commercial real estate, including office, industrial and retail properties for lease and sale. With over 10 years in commercial real estate experience, John has helped clients flourish even in tough economic times.

Recently John was elected to serve as First Regional Vice President for 2017 and Regional Vice President in 2018 for the CCIM Institute. Region 11, for whom John will represent, is comprised of 4 CCIM Chapters (New England, Connecticut, Upstate NY and Metro NY). Prior to this, John served as the 2013 President for the New England CCIM Chapter.

John is also involved in: NECCIM Board of Directors; Membership Chair Union College Boston Alumni; Board of Directors Noble & Greenough School Class 2001 Chair; JW Levine Leadership Academy alum.

John may be reached via telephone at 617-674-2043 ext 204 or

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