What are the six signs to watch for when it’s time to list commercial property?

“I have negative cash flow and I need to sell.”

“I sold, closed, or moved my business and need to my commercial real estate for sale.”
“I’m tired of managing the property.”

“I’ve grown the property to what I think to be its full potential and I’m ready to list my commercial property.”

“Investors are pressing me for their returns.”

“I want to list commercial property and leaseback to generate cash to grow my business.”

1. Discovery
2. Evaluation
3. Exposure
4. Closing

A lot of times when you’re thinking of listing commercial property, it’s easy to want to try to time the market and figure out is this the best time to go to market? And frankly, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years, and involved in over a thousand transactions, and I’ll tell you that it’s only during market peaks that we see property owners who want to list commercial property coming to market and telling us they’re selling because they’ve grown the property to the full potential. It’s not going to increase in value anymore from their perspective, and that’s the number one reason why they’re selling. So that’s predominantly one of the reasons why you would list commercial property, but unfortunately, peak cycles happen only once every about 10 years, so there have to be five other signs that you would identify for when it’s the right time to sell.

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