Commercial real estate can be a great investment, but how to find a commercial real estate buyer and feel assured that you’ve found the right one is not easy. In this 2 minute video I’ll share with you my number one tip for easily identifying the right commercial real estate buyer for your property.

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Here’s the transcript on how to easily identify the right buyer for your commercial real estate:

Hey, Jeremy Cyrier with MANSARD

So how do you know when you found the right buyer for your commercial real estate? Well let’s take a look and see.

So the first thing you might be thinking is well I know I’ve got the right buyer when someone agrees to pay me the price that I’m asking. And while that’s true it’s not always true, and here’s why. The thing I want to talk to you most about today is the idea of contrast, and what I mean by contrast is when you have a look at a single buyer, and this may be a buyer that just approaches you about buying your property, they make you an offer, it sounds good. They seem to be willing and able to perform, so they’ll close. And you think it might be the right deal so it feels like the right buyer, but how do you really know if you haven’t had the opportunity to contrast that buyer with other buyers in the market?
So just for example, if you have one buyer and you can compare that buyer to say four buyers, it’s kind of like when you take a camera and you focus you’ve got four positions. Position one is out of focus. Position two is more in focus. Position three is in sharp focus, and position four is out of focus. You actually don’t know that you’re in focus with number three until you go all the way to number four, and then you can contrast the three position to the out of focus position to know that you’re actually in focus. So the idea here is contrast allows you to compare and get a broader view of the market. And when you have a broader view of the market and how your property is valued by buyers in the market it allows you to identify and select the right buyer for your property.
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