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After eight cash offers in 18 days, this industrial building outsold its peers by $250,000. Dependable Masonry, the 40-year owner of 73 Concord Street, retired from the property.

Each year, they spent $35,000 in taxes, insurance, and maintenance, struggled with management, and ultimately faced a capital gains tax bill of nearly $400,000 upon sale. They reinvested their profits in property leased by a New York Stock Exchange-traded company, paying him $100,000/year in net cash flow until 2032. Their new tenant manages, pays the tax bill, and maintains the building.

Here’s how it happened.

In-depth market data and market cycle analysis showed that the industrial market’s expansion would pay off for Dependable. Once they realized the time was right to capture maximum pricing, they agreed to follow our pricing guidance. Our market research revealed that 8.2% of the industrial buyers in the area would purchase and use similar properties for their own business.

Also, the property should be offered to the brokerage community so that any brokers representing high-intent buyers would bring them to Dependable Masonry. Ten days after launching the MANSARD proprietary marketing process, Dependable Masonry received eight offers, hosted 18 tours, and followed our negotiation advice to reach an agreement.

Once the offer was accepted, Dependable Masonry’s legal and tax team wrapped up the tax planning. That’s when they decided to pursue a 1031 strategy to save nearly $400,000 in capital gains taxes. After six weeks of investment review meetings, Dependable Masonry selected the top investment opportunity — a Dollar General, an NYSE-traded company, with 12 years remaining on its initial lease term.

The 1031 exchange allowed Dependable Masonry to save the capital gains taxes and start generating $100,000/year in free cash flow 45 days after the sale of their headquarters.

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