Everyone wants to sell a commercial property when the accepted offer equals the closing price.

Renegotiations are frustrating, time-consuming, and expensive and can damage your profits and reputation if the sale of your commercial property fails to close. Most sellers want to avoid investing to pull together the 5 best things to do before selling their commercial property.

Who wants to invest money into selling a commercial property when you are curious if a buyer will pay you the right price?

Unfortunately, what’s more expensive and disappointing is when the excitement of finding a buyer and forming an agreement results in a renegotiation. Buyers will often agree to a price to put the property under agreement, followed by extensive and expensive due diligence. The results often change the buyer’s mind on the offer price and lead to frustrating renegotiations.

** The 5 Best Things To Do Before Selling Your Commercial Property ** Property Condition Assessment
Environmental Reports
Title Survey
Rent Roll
Prior 3 years of Operating Expenses

When you complete these items before offering your commercial property for sale, you give the buyer a clearer picture of the physical and financial health of the property.

You narrow the bid-ask gap because the buyer’s risk is mitigated with this valuable information. Moreover, you build trust with the buyer, resulting in higher offer prices and a smoother sale.

Are you looking to sell your commercial real estate?

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