Do you know that feeling after a long day when you think, if only I was a bird, I could fly away from all this hard work? But some animals work way harder than people do. And while we humans get a choice, of having to work hard or not, most animals have no option. There’s just no time to rest if you want to survive in the wild! So what are the hardest working animals?

For example, whether the honey bees like it or not, nature has made them into real hard workers. Every single hive is like a big, busy corporation, where every single bee has a special role to play. Earthworms spend their entire lives making tunnels in the soil. As for ants that have a reputation for being the most hard-working creatures in the world, they are … real experts at being lazy! But the most amazing thing about these slackers is that they’re actually doing the right thing!


Honey bees 00:00
Emperor penguins 0:31
Earthworms 1:16
Termites 1:45
Cleaner wrasse 2:26
Bowerbirds 3:28
Lions 4:05
Beavers 4:45
Ants 5:36
Dogs 6:58
Elephants 8:10
Koalas 8:41

Music by Epidemic Sound

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