What the #*&$? 17%+ Real Estate Returns in Your IRA Account?

Beat the Taxman with Real Estate in Your IRA

Beat the Taxman with Real Estate in Your IRA

Believe it or not, IRA investing in Real Estate is one of today’s hottest topics for generating wealth–tax deferred or in some cases tax free.   On Friday, October 10, we had the privilege of hosting a conference call with Rob Spalding of Pensco Trust Company, a New Hampshire chartered, single-service special asset custodian for self-directed IRAs with an expertise in Real Estate investing.

Here’s what you must know:  you can invest IRA funds as debt or equity in real estate and build wealth in real estate inside your IRA just as you would with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  What’s wonderful about this opportunity is that you don’t have to worry about what the hucksters on Wall Street are doing with your hard earned retirement dollars.  You can actually own, operate, and touch your asset with your own hands you know where your dollars are, what they’re doing for you, and how much you’re actually making in positive tax deferred cash flow and appreciation.  You don’t have to worry about 1031 exchanges when buying and selling investment property and you can also co-invest with other real estate IRA investors in the same deal.

So what’s the catch?  The IRS has issued specific guidelines that must be followed for these IRA real estate investments to be considered legitimate, which is why you need a team of real estate and IRA advisory professionals to help you correctly acquire, structure, manage, and dispose of your real estate investments.  With Rob’s permission, we recorded our recent conference call and have made it available for free for you to play.  It’s about 30 minutes and touches on many of the key points in IRA real estate investing.

For more information about how to unlock and build wealth with real estate in your IRA, contact us today. We also have deals on hand that would qualify for an IRA investment in real estate, providing returns as high as 17%.  Call now for more information 617-674-2043.

Click here to listen to a copy of the phone call for free.

About the Author:Jeremy Cyrier, CCIM is a principal with MANSARD Commercial Properties and member of the CCIM Institute faculty. He offers advisory services and brokerage expertise to commercial real estate owners and tenants. You may reach Jeremy at [email protected].

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