We all use it every day —the John, the Throne, the Lavatory, the Potty, the Commode, the Latrine, the Privy…the Toilet! No matter what you call it, public restrooms aren’t always the most pleasant experience; the germs, unspoken etiquette…no one likes to talk about it, it’s can be a tender subject, but, Brightsider, today’s your lucky day!

You’re gonna find out why public toilet seats are shaped like a U (this isn’t what they’re like at home, right?), which stalls are cleaner than others, what exactly the proper Hand-Washing technique is and many other things!

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Why are public toilet seats shaped like a U? 0:31
Do those toilet seat covers really make it more hygienic? 1:09
Are some stalls cleaner than others? 1:40
Is it safe to take my drink with me into the stall? 2:18
What should I do with my drink if I have to GO? 2:57
What exactly is the proper Hand-Washing technique? 3:33
What if I’m loyal to my hand sanitizer? 4:20
🙂 Good-to-know tips for public bathroom etiquette 🙃 4:55

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– The reason is for hygiene purposes, to keep that part of the toilet as far from your most sensitive areas as possible, as it could have some unwanted droplets on it.
– That little space in between the U-shaped seat may still have dribbles of urine on it, and it will just soak through the cover.
– The outside stalls are used less frequently, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re cleaner—just because it looks clean doesn’t mean that it is.
– There are over 3 million bacteria per square inch in that toilet bowl, just to give you some perspective.
– It’s best to leave your drink on your desk or have a friend hold it for you. But these aren’t always an option. If you must put your drink or mug on the sink, put clean paper towels down first.
– Rub the soap on top of your hands and between your fingers. Don’t forget to get under those nails! You should wash for at least twenty seconds. Rinse your hands completely and dry with a clean towel.
– Make sure your hand sanitizer is at least 60% alcohol. Know that hand sanitizers don’t get rid of all types of germs.
– If you’re out and you bump into someone you know in the bathroom, your first instinct might be to shake their hand or touch them with a greeting. Resist the temptation.
– Keep the restroom a quiet place. Some of us have to concentrate.
– Experts say that chatting at the sink while washing your hands is a no-no. They say that you should just focus on getting your hands clean and avoid eye contact.
– Whenever possible, don’t pick the stall right next to somebody. Put a stall or two between you if the restroom isn’t crowded.
– Say you’re standing in front of a one-person bathroom and you aren’t sure if there’s anyone inside.
– It’s a little-known fact, but many public restrooms are equipped with a fan, a.k.a an exhaust fan. It will circulate the air in the bathroom, in case you aren’t able to leave it smelling fresh as a daisy.

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